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Delft is home to many international students and professionals. With our location situated next to the TU Delft we have a lot of experience in helping these and other non dutch speakers. We welcome anyone looking for a Physiotherapist to give us a call, send us an email or pay us a visit.

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Cost of Treatment

Screening (without a physician referral):€14,50
Intake and examination after screening:€47,-
Intake and examination after physician referral:€45,50
Physiotherapy treatment:€33,50
Manual Therapy treatment:€45,-
Physiotherapy treatment at home:€46,50

Location and accessibility



Pelvic floor therapy
Intermittent claudication
Haptonomic physiotherapy
Knee complaints
Lower back / pelvic pain
Manual therapy
McConnell therapy
McKenzie therapy
Medical Taping
Rheumatic diseases
Shoulder problems
Sports Rehabilitation